Thales at the Paris Air Show

Facts and figures

Because our clients have huge ambitions, Thales is a Group with extraordinary dimensions. Find out, in a few figures, what makes Thales a unique company.


1 worldwide in air traffic management
1 in Europe and no. 2 worldwide in avionics for commercial aircraft
1 in helicopter avionics
2 out of 3 aircraft in the world take off and land using Thales equipment
140 air traffic control centres around the world are equipped with the TopSky-ATC system
100% Thales is the supplier of all avionics suites for Airbus airliners
1 000 000 passengers use Thales in-flight entertainment systems every day
60% of aircraft movements in China managed by Thales solutions
80% the Thales TopFlight management system market share
99% of commercial aircraft in the US are guided with a Thales navigational aid
100 radars installed in Brazil to provide comprehensive nationwide coverage
56 millions square kilometres, equivalent to 11% of the world's surface area, covered by the Thales air traffic management system installed in Australia
110 helicopter simulators delivered to customers in 25 countries


25% Thales systems and equipment represent close to a quarter of the value of the Rafale combat aircraft
1,200 air defence radars sold worldwide
100 radars from the Ground Master family have been sold worldwide
400 Thales radars and self-protection suites equip the military aircraft of 40 air forces worldwide


81 satellites of the Iridium Next constellation produced by Thales Alenia Space
50% of the pressurised volume of the International Space Station
1st Thales Alenia Space is prime contractor for ExoMars, Europe’s first mission to land on Mars
40 years Thales Alenia Space has been the world leader in geostationary meteorology since the late 1970s


10 airports are protected by Thales’ systems worldwide
400 critical sites protected all over the world
20,6 million travellers annually use New-York JFK Terminal 4 whose security will be enhanced thanks to Thales
9 of the top 10 internet giants call on Thales cybersecurity solutions
56% decrease in crime rates since 2009 tanks to Thales systems
80% of the world's banking transactions are protected by Thales

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